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Batting Statistics in Cricket


Batting Average = No of runs scored / No of matches (outs).


Batting Average = 46.2.

=>For every match the batsman scores an average of 46.2 runs.

Lets say if a batsman has an batting average of 46.2 with 100 matches played, then

=>46.2 = No of runs scored /100.

=>No of runs scored = 46.2 * 100 = 4620 runs in 100 matches.


Here if a batsman is not out then that match will not be added, but runs scored by him are added to calculate the batting average.


Batting Strike Rate = 102.0

=>For every 100 balls the batsman scores 102 runs.

Similarly if batting strike rate is 62.0

=>For every 100 balls the batsman scores 62 runs.

Batting Strike Rate = No of runs scored / No of balls played.

Lets say a batsman has scored 40 runs of 80 balls.

Now =>strike rate = 40 runs * 100 / 80 balls * 100 = 50 runs / 100 balls.

=>A batsman is scoring at a strike rate of 50 at the rate of 100 balls.


The greater the strike rate, the greater the good striker of the ball.