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How to bowl a Flipper – Video Tutorials – Type 1

  • Flipper is a surprising quicker delivery in a leg spin bowling which actually pitches with in the line at a length of 3 to 6 yards and will rush suddenly into the batsman ( in no time ) after hitting the pitch.
 Watch the below video for complete analysis on How to bowl a Flipper – 1

In brief:

How do you bowl a flipper?

Gripping the ball:

Just like similar to the grip of leg break, the grip will be almost similar, with having some differences, first thing is hold the ball across the seam, in such a way that there should be enough comfortable gap between palm and ball with thumb always switching on the seam, the two fingers middle and index are nicely rested comfortably on top seamy part of the ball, and finally the ring finger is slightly rested along with down part of the seam.

How to bowl a Flipper

And remember the ring finger can also be rested along with the index and middle fingers on top seamy part of the ball, in fact depends on the comfortability of the individual.

You can see below during releasing period of time the thumb is switched on which is always compulsory, but in other deliveries like leg break, top spinner, goolgy etc switching on the thumb is always a option.

How to bowl a Flipper

In our normal life just like we click the fingers thumb and middle, in a similar fashion you need to do same action at the time of releasing period, just click the ball in horizontal forward direction, make sure that the ball spins underneath with the seam (facing the batsman) rotating in backward direction with lesser flight.

How to bowl a Flipper

At the end of the day the ball should be skidded in horizontal forward direction majorly with the help of thumb and also with the support of index, middle and ring fingers.

Position of Arm and Wrist:

In order to skid or click the ball in forward direction with lesser flight, the position of arm will have to be maintained less than 60 degrees, the position of arm will be slightly low compared to the classical leg spin bowling arm.

How to bowl a Flipper

And the position of wrist has to be maintained in such a way that the back of the palm will have to face the sky.

How to bowl a Flipper

Position of front leg and chest:

In order to make sure the position of arm to maintain at an angle of less than 60 degrees, the direction of front leg will have to be towards the fine leg or leg slip region and also at the same time the direction of chest or the position of chest has to be towards the leg gully or backward square leg region

How to bowl a Flipper


How to bowl a Flipper

Rotation of the ball:

Since you are going to skid the ball by clicking the fingers in forward direction the ball along with the seam facing towards the batsman will try to rotate in backward direction, which finally skids or rushes into the batsman after hitting the pitch.

How to bowl a Flipper

At the end of the day this is how all the different factors can work together to bowl this kind of Flipper.